Meet the Team: Sophie

Maybe you know her from the many bands she rhythmically conducts, maybe from the Helicopter corridors or maybe from a nightcap at the Maloe Melo. If you don’t already know her you may not have been rotating at the Helicopter for very long. Today in Meet the Team: Helicopter Founder Sophie.

If Vincent is the organizational savant and Bernard the muscleman, Sophie is the technical mastermind behind our musical airbase. Blessed with two right hands, Sophie has been shaping the physical space of the Heli for years and performs miracles with wood that Jesus could learn a thing or two from. There is no shortage of creativity, which is evident, for example, in the beautifully finished signs and chandeliers that adorn the Heli. Many an appliance has been given a second or third life by her repair forces. In fact, nothing is broken until Sophie has declared it broken.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Sophie is also the undisputed guru for all computer-related nonsense. And as moderator of the website and socials, she’s chasing the media team (read: me) to meet deadlines, which is perhaps even more challenging.

Sophie is an avid collector of indie bands. With her bands Party of the Mind, Raccoon Rally and with Selma Peelen, she is a frequent performer on stages throughout the city and country, where she supports her band members with a tough and tight drumbeat. She has already released several CDs and tapes with Party of the Mind (which you happen to find in our merch showcase, hint, hint) and very soon her other projects will feature new material.

Keep an eye on the Calendar for this rotor-rocker’s concerts.

Party of the Mind on Instagram and on our website

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