All of our rehearsal rooms are fully equipped with a backline, including 4 microphones, cables, cymbals and keys. Each room has a minimum of two guitar amps, a bass amp, drum kit, a piano or electric piano and a PA system.

Ruimte 1 van Helicopter Amsterdam

Ruimte 1 (big)

This is our biggest space, 50m2. Including both an acoustic and an electric piano.

Ruimte 2 van Helicopter Amsterdam

Ruimte 2 (medium-big)

Ruimte 2 is 30 m2 and comes with an electric piano.

Ruimte 3 van Helicopter Amsterdam

Ruimte 3 (medium-small)

This room is 24 m2, has two little hinged windows and a desk. It comes with an organ and an electric piano.

Ruimte 13 van Helicopter Amsterdam

Ruimte 13 (small)

This is our newest, most soundproof and most affordable rehearsal space. This is also the solo room. It has an acoustic piano.

Solo repetitie


Solo rehearsals can be booked at a reduced rate of €7,50 an hour in ruimte 13 (small), which includes a desk and acoustic piano. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll turn your existing account into a solo account!

Driving your neighbours crazy with your endless practising? Grab a solo subscription at Helicopter for unlimited noise-making! Check the prices for more info and apply for your subscription via e-mail.


We like to make you as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer flexible hours and storage options. Need a break after rehearsing? Grill a toastie, heat up a pizza or enjoy a cold beverage in one of our common rooms.


Flexible hours

Want to book a time that fits your specific schedule? No problem! Book your own desired time slot via our booking system.



Prefer to rehearse with your own backline? Store your gear in one of our storage boxes for a monthly price. The storage is available at all times, so you can pick up your gear for gigs as well.


Common rooms

Want to grab a drink before rehearsal or have a chat with the band after? Have a seat in one of the common rooms!

Snaren stokken plectra

Strings, drum sticks, guitar picks

Broke a string? Forgot your drum sticks? We got you! Available in each room.

Tosti's pizza's


Because there are not a lot of shops in the area, we sell self-service toasties and pizzas.



You don’t have to go all the way downstairs for some fresh air anymore, now you can also lounge on our balcony.


Visit our online calender and make a reservation! Our prices depend on the lenght of the rehearsal and the space. If the room is not booked following your time slot, you can ask us to extend your rehearsal free of charge.

Our formula

We like to offer a complete service for both beginners and professional acts. That’s why, besides rehearsal spaces, we also offer the possibility of recording at Helicopter, help with releasing and of course gigs.