Private events at Helicopter

Not everybody knows, but besides as a rehearsal space, Helicopter also rents out Studio 1 and the communal spaces for all kinds of parties and events.

People often approach us to throw electronic dance parties, Album-releases or private concerts. Recently we’ve had two groups that rented the space to throw a musical birthday party, which I had the pleasure of attending.  Dexter got his many musical (and a few less musical) friends together for a spontaneous jam session in studio one. It even featured an accordion and wild dancing to Hava Nagila. That is to say; everything is possible. Since there was no bass-player in the group, I was in luck. We jammed the night away and it was a really good time.

Pedro approached us to celebrate his birthday for friends and family with an amazing show by Helicopter-based alternative rock band Super Market Window and Pedro’s own funkrocking Riot of the Black Llama. Together with sound engineer Martijn, who manned the mixing table, I enjoyed the Brazilian snacks and cocktails and amazing performances by these two bands. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them at the Launchpad in the near future.

I write this just to point out; the Helicopter is a great location for a party or event, especially when it has a musical component. Everything you need is there. So if you want to do something different for your birthday this year, or want to throw a concert for your album release, let us know!