Meet the Team: Captain Danger

First Pilot of the Helicopter – Captain Danger

By Stefan Westerink

Known by many, loved by most, Sam “Captain Jack Danger” Koopman has more than earned his reputation as a groovy motherfunker. He knows the ins and outs, the nooks and crannies, of the
studios better than anyone and is always around somewhere, sending out invoices for outstanding drinks. As an incredibly valuable member of the Helicopter team, his friendly hairdo and Zappa-esque moustache has welcomed many a musician that has entered through the doors of the Helicopter.

Sam is a whirlwind of positive energy and a creative powerhouse. When he is not working at the Helicopter, he spends his time honing his skills on the bass and often participates in jams all over
town. He covers his experiences at these jams in Mapping the Scene and is the editor of the Propeller. Furthermore Sam is an experienced Dutch and English teacher (and always open to new students!).

More importantly, thanks to his relentless devotion to YOU and his dedication to music, Sam has hosted one year of exhilarating Launchpads as the seductive Captain Jack Danger. For this article, Sam Koopman interviewed himself, the one and only Captain Jack Danger.

Sam: I look great! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Cpt. Jack Danger: So do I! Happy to be here.

Sam: I have to ask myself, what’s with the act?

Cpt. Jack Danger: I am the embodiment of funk, the essence of soul. I like dressing up and giving myself a title.

Sam: How do I look back on one year of Launchpads?

Cpt. Jack Danger: Thanks for asking, me. Originally Gigi, Guus and I came up with the idea for the Launchpad during a meeting and roped in Martijn. But personally it came to me when I was scrubbing the mics and lubing the amps and I heard amazing bands play in every single studio. I realized all those bands that were studiously practicing deserved a stage and that we could give them one. Over 20 bands have performed and every Launchpad has been a success. More importantly, since I love attention as much as anyone else, I knew I could take the spotlight for myself.

 Sam: Well, did I?

Cpt. Jack Danger: I certainly did.

Sam: What makes the Helicopter special?

Cpt. Jack Danger: I think it’s the love from our entire team for the Helicopter and the passion and enthusiasm of our musicians that add to the cozy and familiar atmosphere. People come first and
music comes second, everything else can be left outside.

Sam: Certainly appreciate me being here. Any last words I want to say?

Cpt. Jack Danger: I hope to see all of you soon, don’t hesitate to say hi when you see me around. Come to the next Launchpad, follow the newsletter, but most importantly: keep rockin’