Huzzah: Launchpad is turning 1!

Launchpad is celebrating its first ever birthday on the 24th of November. With pride we look back on a year of smash concerts by no less than 18 live acts and countless DJs and I can tell you that each one of them put on an incredible show. My musical brethren, I salute you! This wouldn’t have been possible without your creativity and enthusiasm!

I’m a Heli fanboy, but even I underestimated the level of musicianship that we represent. Time and time again I was blown away by the beautiful and original songs that were often crafted inside this very building. Great, now I’m getting emotional. The good news is, we’re just getting started. This November our honored guests include our very own HUSS, HUNK and Eurydice, and you yourself! 

Don’t miss out on number #8, our anniversary special. Score a ticket early with a discount, or just show up last-minute and support your fellow struggling artist and help us put the Launchpad on the map. Do you want your band to be added to the Heli Hall Of Flames too? Can you provide at least 30 minutes of original material? Sign up via the QR codes on the poster hanging on the Helicopter message boards and maybe you will be in the lineup for the next editions of Launchpad.

Order via the web shop and get a nice discount. Before 7 November you can use the code VROEGEVOGEL25 for an extra early bird discount:

Heli Hall of Flames


Party of the Mind

Prester John

The Surfing Stingrays




Mary’s Lust


HyperBlaster SurfCowboys

Skurt Cobain

De Delegatie

Martin Malibu

Slow Poached


The Killjoys

Angry Women and the Clown Collective



Vinnie Benassi


Lu Campbell