In the Spotlight: Solar Instinct

There is a new current coursing through the Helicopter, solidifying into a critical mass that’s too hot to touch. This musical machine draws its power not from the burning of fossil fuels but from the infinite source in the center of our solar system. A star is born; Solar Instinct. 

One of the most exciting groups that call Heli home, Solar Instinct’s nuclear fusion of Rock and Funk would do King Gizzard proud. This band is together, putting in the work and channeling their Apollo-provided inspiration, enlightening the masses like Prometheus bringing fire to mankind. Will they get away with this hubris? Are we on the doorstep of a bright future or about to be thrust into the darkness for our insolence? Only time will tell.

I first set eyes on this band of Titans when they had just received their sick sticker, a awe-inspiring sigil that would have made the Illuminati run back to their papa. Right then I realized these cats meant business, a fact confirmed by the sounds emanating from the studio. An unholy set of original psychedelic funk rock fusion quickly developed that demonstrated that, although their hands might be guided by the divine, they themselves had the musicianship to back it up. 

Odd meters, fractal guitar riffs and spacey synths are driven home by a pounding rhythm section, while Solar Instinct’s front woman commands the crowd equally with her voice and her Valkyrie-like presence.

I was lucky enough to witness this musical iconoclasm first hand, in the bowels of the underworld we call the Vondelbunker, when they shook that cave, aided by the synth-phony of Grand Mother and HUSS‘s alt-pop presence. I emerged humbled back into the realm of the living. 

Then last month they shook Cinetol at the 10th edition of our Launchpad festival, almost tearing that place to the ground. Don’t rob yourself. Before the gods exact their inevitable vengeance upon us, check out Solar Instinct’s live album on Spotify or, better yet, do yourself the favor of catching these young rock gods live.

Solar Instinct is Niro (Guitar), Matthieu (Keys), Tiam (Drums), Milo (Bass), Isabel (Vocals)

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