In the Spotlight: Red Light Swan

Well, here is a new band that is giving off an air of boldness and confidence, all without taking themselves too seriously. The secret to their incredible charisma; Leather pants.

With their sleek and shiny bottoms they make an entrance that is smoother than a buttered eel on a dance floor. Red Light Swan consists of Stefano from Italy on vocals, Basile from Australia on guitar, Caio from Brazil on bass, and, from South Africa, Mark on drums.

The first time I met these guys, they had just gotten together, had a bunch of half finished songs, but they were already eager to play at the next Launchpad. A few months later, they did just that, and it was a show to remember. With their repertoire having expanded significantly, an awesome logo, more shows coming up, a single out on Spotify and another in the making, they showcase what you can achieve in a few months of busting your ass if you only wear leather pants.

During one of their visits to the Wallen in Amsterdam they spotted the majestic, immaculate swans coursing the canals amid so much human deprivation and the idea for Red Light Swan was born.

Their music is solid hard rock with metallic edges without getting too gloomy. Headbanging to Red Light Swan is a fun night out, not least because of the showmanship of the musicians, assuming freaky poses or jumping into the crowd to deliver solos close enough to feel the static electricity crackle in your hair. Believe me, getting down to Red Light Swan leaves you feeling more satisfied than having sex with a bird for money ever could.

So check ‘em out, on Spotify, on Instagram, on Youtube, or at the Cave on the 23 of June and let the (imitation) leather work its magic.