In the Spotlight: HUSS

It’s refreshing to see when a new band really makes sense and just kicks ass. A few months back, I first met the band that would come to be known as HUSS. Other than enthusiasm, they had nothing to show yet. But last month I found them, not only with a name, but also with a pooltable full of flyers and stickers, links to all possible platforms, they had signed-up for the Launchpad and they had a few gigs coming up. Go HUSS!
As we all know, HUSS is some kind of rock salmon, but it’s also a fun band. They make original pop songs with a groovy sound. A love of blues, soul and funk is evident here. The layered vocals over mellow guitar and bass grooves also sometimes evoke a very nice, summery, sixties vibe that you can sway back and forth to and groove to with your eyes closed. It is a familiar sound, but the songs’ composition, the hooks and the lyrics are inventive and surprising. On their Youtube channel, in addition to live recordings, you can find the three songs they have self-released so far. That can-do -mentality has already paid off, because if I understand correctly, it was all recorded at Helicopter in the studio, and the quality is not bad at all. It goes to show you don’t always have to save up to pay for that recording studio. Just get going!   

I ran into drummer Jasper at P60’s jam last month. Next week they are there themselves and playing a short set at next the Vivid Sessions. So hopefully I’ll see you there, to enjoy HUSS and maybe also play a note or two on the big stage of Amstelveen’s pop stage. Follow these guys on Instagram and keep an eye on the calendar on our website, because we are going to announce their upcoming concerts there. And who knows, maybe you’ll see see this rock salmon spread its fins on stage at Helicopter before long.