Helifest: Launchpad XL @ Cinetol

Launchpad X: XL editie

On June 14, 2024, Helicopter Amsterdam will spread its rotor blades and fly out to de Pijp to wreak a musical bonanza on Cinetol’s amazing stage! Launchpad, the showcase festival for Heli’s best bands, was first held in 2022. Since then, dozens of artists have shown us what they got to give and turned Helicopter’s big room upside down.

Now comes the crowning glory in the form of an over-the-top, super-luxurious, extra-large Heli festival on the Cinetol stage that we can fit 200 people into. Expect more bands than usual, more craziness than usual, two DJs and of course, yours truly, Captain Danger.

The lineup is a mix of Launchpad hall-of-famers and new top acts who all practice at Helicopter and often wrote their material in our rehearsal studios. We are so proud of the cultural incubator we have become over the years and so happy with the success of the Launchpad concerts that we would like to share that with you and the whole Amsterdam scene at this party.

It is my great pleasure to announce:

Selma Peelen combines folk, dark wave and alternative pop-noire and released a new album last year with drummer Sophie Neijts and bassist Iris van Huis. A penetrating voice and beautiful eclectic melodies make this an enchanting act. Check out Selma Peelen on Spotify

HOOFS is a dark noise and post-punk band that regularly shakes the Heli to its foundations. With an innovative, bleak sound and heartfelt subject matter, HOOFS is a special addition to the program. Read more here or check Spotify

Magustry was a guest at the first edition of Launchpad, which means it’s high time for an encore. These five cats make rock-solid blues rock and psychedelic rock in the tradition of the Doors, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Excellently attuned to each other and led by the powerful voice of the charismatic Gaia. Read more here

Fata Morgana is a group of fresh funk musketeers who put on a cracking set, complete with horns and slap bass. There is no doubt about it, this act gets people dancing. Read more about Fata Morgana here

Solar Instinct was a guest at the last edition of Launchpad and blew the motherfucking roof off. Now they are back with their vicious mix of rock and funk, poignant lyrics, trippy effects, and crazy time signatures. Read more about Solar instinct here or check them out on Spotify

DJ Radikal Rupert is an avid collector of rare dance music from around the world. His skills behind the turntable and undisputed taste invariably make for a sweltering, sweaty dance party on the floor. Check out Radikal Rupert on Instagram