What is a Magustry?

Well, I don’t know exactly, but at least it has something to do with ascendant talent in the Amsterdam rock scene. I’ve had them with us in the studio, of course, but at Launchpad #3 in March I had the pleasure of seeing how they turn out on stage.

These five down-to-earth musicians manage to bring the magical energy of the 60s back to life in bluesy audio experiments that Janis, Jimi and Jim would have grooved approvingly to. But these are no old hippies being pulled out of the ditch here, as the psychedelic blues rock has been updated with a modern synth, catchy songs and, at times, forays into funky and disco-inspired rhythms that give the whole thing a playful and danceable feel.

If she didn’t already have a heck of a voice, singer Gaia would make up for it with her showwomanship. Whether she’s dancing, laughing or thumping her chest, the fun she is clearly having is very infectious. And it isn’t just Gaia’s presence that showcases this band’s joy of playing. Keys player Robin provides the synth bass and regularly seems to sink into as deep a trance as the audience. At least, when isn’t time for an intense guitar solo by guitarists Branko and Luiz. And drum solos? You need those too, and drummer Max likes to crank the intensity up to ten, after which the solo effortlessly transitions into the next rock trip. In short, these guys are going places, and you want to be there with them.

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