When I first heard this noise shaking the building, my ears pricked up. From within the confines of studio 2, a demented preacher seemed to be heralding the end of the world as we know it, accompanied by the musical equivalent of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. But in a good way. 

HOOFS (like a horse’s) is Derk, Ramon, Lukas, Richard and Ludwin. These Postpunks produce electrified, high paced, and stomping musical moods, complete with screeching guitars that sound like an encounter with ominous aliens.

Two tracks, “Late Bloomer” and “No Accident”, are already out on
Spotify. The first song is about the coming of age of a queer misfit,
while the second is a musical ride into a paranoid mind. Social
commentary and individual experience are frequent topics in HOOFS
oeuvre, with Ramon’s growling and energetic singing insisting you give
him your ear. The men have been working away at the Helicopter and at
Studio Katzwijm and the resulting EP will be released next month. 

When asked why they’re practicing at de Heli, they tell me it’s
because not everything here is ‘Hufter-proof’. We’ve got good gear, a
good ambience and we’ve got ambitious bands. Damn, straight. HOOFS is
one of the many ambitious rock bands that is absolutely taking off
around Helicopterstraat 8. 

BUT disaster has struck and HOOFS is holding auditions for an
ax-grinder to take up the mantle of guitar player Lukas. If you think you
can bring the sweet and sour noise that HOOFS likes to put out, get in
touch with them via bookings@hoofs.band and perhaps you can contribute to the album that
is in the making. HOOFS is playing at their EP release show at Concerto
on the 7th of April, as well as at N201 in Aalsmeer and on the 22nd of
April on Record store day.

Check them out at https://hoofs-music.bandcamp.com/album/ep-i and follow the Calendar on our website for more shows by HOOFS.