A place for bands, solo artists, dance- and theatre companies and showcases. We offer rehearsal spaces of 24-50 m2 equiped with complete backline, flexible hours and storage options!


Visit our online calender and make a reservation! Our prices depend on the lenght of the rehearsal and the space.

What we do


Check out our various rehearsal spaces and gear and book a space. Or rent a storage box for your own gear.


Rent recording gear and check out the possibilities for recording with a studio technician.


Rent our gear for shows on external locations. Or showcase your new tunes to friends and family here at Helicopter!

Ruimte 1 van Helicopter Amsterdam
Ruimte 2 van Helicopter Amsterdam
Ruimte 3 van Helicopter Amsterdam
Ruimte 12 Helicopter Amsterdam
Ruimte 13 van Helicopter Amsterdam


Helicopter Amsterdam is an initiative by Vincent Polak, Sophie Neijts and Bernard van Veen, founded in 2010 – as Sink Or Swim at the time. Our goal is to provide workspace for performing artists, mostly (live) musicians. As of 2020 Helicopter Amsterdam manages 500m2 for creative purposes divided over 13 rooms and 2 common rooms.

Helicopter not only offers fully equipped rehearsal spaces for an hourly fee, we also rent out empty studios for prolonged periods. The experience of our users is our main priority. This resulted in spaces that resemble artists’ wants and needs to the fullest: Quality, affordability, flexibility and homeliness.

Let's get in touch!

Interested? Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible! You could also make a reservation yourself using our online booking system. Public parking is available in our street. The costs are € 4,50 per hour. Free parking after 19:00 and on weekends.

020 2440960


Helicopterstraat 8 1059 CG Amsterdam

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