Fortunately, within the current regulations regarding the coronavirus, it is still complex for us as a practice room to do what we do, of course with the necessary measures.

The government has set a maximum of 30 people, provided that everyone can keep 1.5 meters away. For our rooms this means a maximum number of people of 7 in Room 1 (Large Room), max. 5 in Room 2 (Standard Room) and max. 4 in Room 3 (Small Room).

We ensure the presence of crosses on the floor so that it is clear to everyone how to maintain the 1.5 meters distance.

The rehearsal rooms are equipped with Tork paper and disinfectant spray, for example intended for disinfecting the microphone grill. We advise our visitors to (also) do this themselves. It is even better to bring your own vocal microphone, we strongly recommend this.

It is also important that our visitors disinfect their hands before entering the areas and using the common areas. To enable this, we facilitate a wide range of disinfectant hand soap and disinfectant hand gel (70% alcohol).

The ventilation in the room is also very important, visitors must operate it themselves and depending on the room, turn it to position 10 and set it back to position 0 afterwards, or turn it on with a button and switch it off again afterwards. Our ventilation is an extraction system, directly connected to the outside air. So there is no circulating air.

There is no sitting, pre-discussion or post-discussion in the common areas as long as these series of measures are in place. The common areas are temporarily no more than a passage to the rooms. So before the start of a rehearsal, our visitors have to go straight to the room and leave the building immediately after the rehearsal. In addition, options should only be consumed in the rented space.

Finally, wearing a face mask is mandatory in the common areas of the building. In the room itself, it can be removed as you see fit.

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